Food Court!

We all go to food courts in our college or office, we meet a lot of people, we indulge with with them and we don’t as well but ever heard their stories? That too not from them but from the one who hear them all! If not, then fasten your seat belts because that answer’s gonna turn yes…

People served here for conversations! ✔

Hey there reader! Welcome to my stationary life. Might be thinking why I said stationary, umm… you will get to know that later! So, today is just a regular day like always until I see this lonely and sad boy sitting in the end of the court listening to his music, writing down his pool of words in a meaningful sentence. There’s a lot of tensions and worries on his face and a cup of hot coffee right by his side which ain’t hot anymore; just like the owner of the coffee, it is also lonely…

Besides him I see this cute couple, satisfied and happy with what life has given them and cherishing it with glasses of Oreo shakes. They don’t have such wrinkles on their foreheads like the first guy had. I just felt like playing “Time in a bottle” in their background. They shared sweet smiles over a conversation, maybe for them they found their diary in a person…

Two tables ahead of them sits this large eight member group shouting, laughing, running around and having fun. Among them I again see a couple but not like the one I described earlier about, they were more kind of an on and off types. Just like those who are never satisfied with what they have, expecting more and more from each other and fighting over silly things but yet together for god knows what sake! Here then I see two boys and a girl from the group running behind each other with all this aroma of laughs and giggles around them. The the other two guys from the group are busy checking out guys and girls and each and every person passing from there! They seem to have a really good time with each other talking and observing but all of them forgot the last person of their group sitting quite, lonely and all by herself! She’s not left with a single being to interact with, not even the diary like the guy I mentioned first just all alone…

Sometimes we get so lost that we end-up choosing the wrong company!

Feeling all so lonely in such a live group and no one really noticed? I see various amounts of people in the entire crowd like them, some are lonely, happy, cheerful, working, disturbed, eating and also some are depressed for no reason and yet I just happen to connect upon with that silent girl sitting in between a bunch of screaming humans! And who am I? Well then welcome to the revelation of stationary world of mine. So, I am none other than the Food Court where all this is being experienced by me! And well, I am silent, alone and lonely; not even a single soul to talk to nor a diary just all by myself!
And this is what has happened for days and months and years. I observe people and their life and also know what happened to them, because people eating together pops out a lot of information and ‘Food’ happens to be my first name!

So, this was it, a minute of my life for you and also the life which I am meant to be living with too…

Happy Reading :)

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