LeSs StrangE — Chapter 7: The First Talk

Meghna Thanvi | Mili
4 min readNov 4, 2018

Saira reaches her shoot location and keeps her belongings along with a scared Saira near a pillar and resumes as the happy, stress free anchor.

While Saira is busy with her shoot, Shiv is busy staring Saira and helping the crew, let us all explore a bit of our lovely, lost Saira…

Indeed, work has always been Saira’s escape zone, where no one can ever trespass. Her work was her art, an art she mastered in but none of us can always live between just our works! You need some unexpected happenings in your life to make it sound like life! But, Saira was aware yet unaware of this fact.
Aware — because she talks about life through her writings, she advises people around her about how this cycle works and inspires millions…
Unaware — cause she doesn’t applies all the above rules on herself…

You all must have heard of that saying that “It’s easy to advise others but too difficult to apply the same in your life.” The same is the case with Saira!

Ok so, this kind of problem is quite common among people but the fact which makes Saira unique above all is her overthinking nature. She thinks a lot, like can come to the 50th conclusion of situation which can occur with her next step or action. Saira is book which is hard to read but quite predictable to the one she is close to. Unfortunately, she is yet to find that close one…

“And cut!”

“Lets move guys and we need to resume in thirty minutes. I need Aanya, Rohan, Shreeya, Sia, Zeenat, Teechay, you guys to set up the cameras and other equipments with me in front of those gift shops in such a manner where we can have all the shops covered while walking down the street in continuous, ok?” Aryan discussed as everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

“Ok, lets move then!” Pranav said as everyone packed their bags

Saira went near the pillar, gathered her belongings as the scared Saira entered her soul…

“ping” a message popped up on her phone, it said “Please go and talk!”
Saira looked up at Pranav as he indicated her to join Shiv who was walking alone in the lane.

With a deep breath and sweaty palms she said to herself “Saira, it’s high time. I mean for how long will you run now? That’s it, do or die!” and joined Shiv keeping her scared self aside.

“Hi!” she started

“Oh, hi hi!” Shiv replied with a sense of surprise and happiness

“So… how was you time with us, I hope you were not much of bored…”

“No, not at all! In fact I.. I love observing people and their work…” he replied with a smile

“Observing?” she asked

“Yup, observing as in reading or understanding their nature and personality a bit…” he explained and shh… they exchanged short stares and smiles for the next twenty seconds

“So, what have you observed till now about me?” Saira asked breaking the silence

“About you?” he reacted hiding his blush

“Hmm…” she nodded innocently

“Umm… I won’t come to a quick conclusion but for now I just want to say that I am interested in knowing you. Its like you are quite hard to read…” he replied with an eye contact and a sweet smile to her

“Saira!” Aryan called out

“Come fast, we need to end up with this shot and its all for today!” Saira nodded and turned towards Shiv

“Need to..”

“Go?” Shiv completed her sentence

“Yeah, will just talk to you later…”

“Even I am also leaving for Rakkar right now, some urgent office work so will see you later by this evening…” saying this both of them parted ways with a beautiful smile on their faces

After hearing the final cut of the day, everyone boarded the bus and made their way back to Rakkar.

Still near the window, gazing the busy streets outside her window with her earplugs on, something original appeared on her face — her smile.

“Excuse me?” Pranav snapped his fingers in front of her face to grab her attention

“Oh hi, need help?” she replied keeping her earplugs aside

“No, but I feel you need some help. Look at yourself you are smiling or should I say blushing! I feel the first talk went really well.” he highlighted

“Stop it’s nothing like that…”

“Ohh please, now this call for a party! Tonight at 8 at… Venue I will text it to you! So, done!”


“shh… And please continue with your blushing and gazing!” he replied and joined Aryan and Rohan in their discussion

Indeed, Saira actually had an original smile on her face to rejoice…

to be continued…

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