The Unanswered Question…

[Contest Alert @ the end] Unknown of the fact that the Khanna Mansion didn’t possessed a life for past 16 year, a bright Monday morning the postman dropped a letter in the Mansion…

“And that’s the end of your Mumbai Darshan sir!” the tour guide said to Rakesh

“Thank you so much Freddy for this amazing tour!” Rakesh replied

“So, what’s your next stop sir?” he asked

“I will be to the God’s own city!” he answered

“Kerala indeed is a perfect destination and the weather will be also perfect over there…”

“Yes!” suddenly something grabbed Rakesh’s eyes, he asked “Umm… Freddy can you tell me who’s mansion is this?” his eyes still glued to mansion

“Which sir? That mansion? It’s the Khanna Mansion, people say that it’s haunted!” Freddy replied

“Haunted? What rubbish!”

“Actually sir around 16 years ago the youngest daughter of this Khanna Family died mysteriously in her room and her husband too was found lying besides her… Within 5 days each and every member of the family disappeared like an ice in the desert…” Rakesh’s eyes grew bigger as Freddy narrated the story

“Since then the going- to- be couple have been haunting this mansion, many people have tried to know the truth behind this story but never came back with an answer…” Freddy continued

“So no one knows the theory behind this couple murder case? Strange, but interesting!” Rakesh said

“Sorry to say sir but it’s getting a bit late, I must leave!” Freddy said

“O yeah! And it’s also getting dark, we both must start moving…” Rakesh said. Giving eachother a last bye Freddy left on this bike where as Rakesh searched for an auto. But just then the weather played it’s own light and sound show and in no time it started raining. Rakesh unable to find help went inside the Khanna House for shelter.

The Khanna Mansion (image via Google)

As he entered inside the enormous Khanna Mansion, he became more curious to explore it but all he could see was webs and bats. He turned on the torch light of his mobile and started inspecting the house, as he was doing so he felt that someone’s behind him, as he turned around he saw a beautiful lady dressed in a blue kurta, black jeans and a heart shaped pendent in her neck. He asked

“What are you doing here miss?”

“Tina, Tina Kapoor! Actually I was just passing by this mansion, when it started raining so I came here to find shelter. By the way may I ask what are you doing here Mr.?” she asked

“Rakesh, Rakesh Sharma! I am also here for the same reason…” he replied

They decided to travel around the house together till they find a way to get out. Holding the torch both of them climbed up the stairs reaching the room where the murder was conducted, it just looked like an ordinary room until you notice the skeletons lying on the sofa! Rakesh entered inside, inspecting the room he found a letter kept on the table, he picked it up and started reading it,

To letter reader,

I Harleen Kapoor and my husband, Aayush Kapoor have decided to leave this world together now. We even got to know about the illegal business of human trafficking run by my family for the past 7 years and so do they. And we both know that in no time they will be here for us, we can’t run but we can’t even get ourselves murdered by them that is why we have decided to end lives.

Harleen & Aayush

“Yes, but who knows what happened!” Tina said in a mysterious voice

As the weather got cleared both decided to leave. As they reached the doorsteps Rakesh noticed a letter lying on the floor, he picked it up and checked the details. It said ‘29th January 2001’ ‘to Harleen Kapoor’ from an unknown person. Rakesh quickly opened the letter, to his surprise it contained only 3 words…

She Is Safe…

Thinking Hats Contest Time

So this was the bonus letter of this series but story is yet to be end now! But it’s not me who will end it this time, it’s you who will end the story. Yes, suggest me an ending and the top 3 endings will be showcased here on my wall next week.
You will have to mail me your endings on my mail id :

So, what are you waiting for writers, put on your thinking caps and mail me!
***contest lasts till 15th September’ 2017***

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