Unmasked — Part 2 (Masks)

31st January’ 2017

On 31st January’ 2017, the news headlines said another story…

The narration of the story will be by me (mystique)…

Let us go on a flashback ride…

27th January’ 2017

“What should I do now? I can’t sit like this and after knowing that Aayush was behind that dreadful crime… No, never, I can’t let the killer roam freely…” Karan, who was is a state of shock was filled with anger.

“He killed Priya and Aisha, now i will not spare him…” he said in a creepy voice

28th January’ 2017

“ -rhythm- ” the phone rang…

“Hello Karan, Aayush here!” the voice was cheerful and happy.

Karan cooling down his temper said “Yes Aayush, say!”

“Actually I just wanted to inform you that I will be leaving for my Europe trip tomorrow evening, I was thinking that we both can meet up over a coffee?”

“Umm no actually, I am packed up for the next few day at the office, an urgent work you see…” Karan replied fumbally. He said so to avoid Aayush because he wasn’t sure about his own reaction or action against Aayush.

“Ok then, see you after a month. Bye!” and the call ended

Karan was resting on his chair sipping his coffee, just then he got an idea through which he could get Aayush’s crime in front of the world…

29th January’ 2017

Around 10 pm the neighbour saw Aayush entering his apartment. He was seen wearing a pair of shorts, t-shirt, sunglasses and a baseball cap completed his look.

As he stepped inside, he closed the door, placed the master key in his pocket and took off his cap and sunglasses. He said,

“I must find proofs against Aayush before anyone else gets here.”

He wore his gloves in order to prevent the chances of getting his fingerprints all over the place.

He started with the drawers and frames in the living room, heading toward the bedroom. He searched in the cupboards, under the beds, drawers, each and every place he could search for. But unfortunately couldn’t found any.

After an hour of search when he couldn’t find any clues, he decided to leave before anyone else be there.

As he walked through the living room he saw a very big picture of Aisha. In that picture, Aayush is clicking a picture of Aisha from the back while holding her hand. It was Aisha and Aayush’s common favourite picture from their Kerela trip.

Karan stopped and stared at the frame until he noticed something unusual. The wall and the space covered by the frame had different paint!

The Wall and the Space behind the Frame had Two Different Colors!

As he moved the frame from the wall, he was shocked as well as scared of what he saw. A boney hand fell out from the bricks missing from the wall!

He saw the hand carefully and noticed the ring on the hand, he got goosebumps, the only he could manage to say was “Aisha”…

“If he kept Aisha in here for all these years then Priya?”

Karan started breaking the wall with the help of a rod kept nearby the frame. Aisha’s whole skeleton fell down, as the bricks fell apart from the wall but, there was no sign of Priya…

Suddenly, Karan heard someone clapping, it was Aayush.

“Wow buddy you’ve found one body, not bad Mr. Oldie but Priya is still missing! Now how where will you search her body?” Aayush said with a creepy yet competitive voice.

“But how did you, I mean you were going for your Europe trip then?” Karan asked surprisingly

“You remember that letter which you received the day I came at your place? And if you had noticed then it was unsealed when I left?” He asked with a cunning smile

“You! You read that letter… And that phone call, europe trip and all these things were planned?”

“Yes Karan, it was all set up to get you here. So that I can give you the answers to your questions before you die…”

Those words freezed Karan for a second, he couldn’t believe to what he heard right now…

“So let the story begins…” Aayush narrated

It was around 12 am when I dropped Aisha at her building’s apartment, suddenly Aisha said that she wants to talk to me, she look very nervous. She wanted to talk to me since morning but we were so busy in your (Karan and Priya) wedding preparations that we didn’t got a chance.

“Yes, go on.” I said giving her some time

“I can’t marry you!” she said as kept the ring in my hand which I gifted her

“But why? Is everything alright? I mean why? Tell me?” I asked her as I holded her tightly, she struggled but I asked her again and again at the end she pushed me away and said

“Because of your nature!” she shouted “You are an over- possessive person, mean you always follow me everywhere, want a record of stuff I do,people I meet, etc etc!!! I can’t stand it any more Aayush, I am tired of it now. I thought you would change but you are just…” and she started crying and started leaving for her home, I tried to stop her but she pushed me away.

I don’t know what happened to me, I saw a knife at the watchmen’s desk and…

And just by that time your beloved fiancee saw me and ran upstairs, I knew she would try to get in touch with you, I knew she will come to meet you. So, I gave the watchmen some money to get the place cleaned as if nothing happened there, kept my Aisha’s body on the back seat and headed towards your home.

I and Aisha waited there for Priya for around half -an- hour, and at once she reached I took the knife and…

I couldn’t stop myself, it felt like someone else made me do this. But it doesn’t means that I don’t love her, I still love her! Trust me! That’s why I buried Aisha’s body behind this frame, and not just that, I also gave her ring back to her.

Karan stood still like a statue, like a lifeless statue. He couldn't believe that the person he trusted the most was the one who killed his fiancee and friend.

“Now it’s your turn to go!” he said pointing the gun towards Karan, “Wait a minute! Did I forgot something? Oh yes, Priya! What to know what I did with her body? Where is her skeleton?”

“Tell me where is Priya’s body!” Karan said in a high tone as he grabbed Aayush’s collar

Smirks… You shouldn’t have done this, you would have asked me in more polite way. Now your punishment is that I won’t tell you anything… Laughs

Karan get’s impatient and pushes Aayush, both of them had a fight. All of sudden Aayush fells down with a bullet on his shoulder and dies on the spot. The bullet’s voice wasn’t audible as it was fitted with silencer.

Tears fell from Karan’s eyes thinking about Priya, before he could make any move he was hitted by a hard substance on his head from behind. Before he could see the attacker’s face he fell on the ground and died…

The person who attacked Karan from behind was Priya

It was not a planned attack, Priya mistook Karan as Aayush and hitted him with a vase.

(Remember, when the neighbour mistook Karan as Aayush because of his get up! The same happened with Priya.)

When Priya realised her mistake, she couldn’t absorb the situation around her. And under the guilt she picked up the gun from Aayush’s hand and…

The story told by Aayush was just the half truth. When Aayush saw Priya outside Karan’s residence that night, he abducted her from there and brought her to his home along with Aisha’s body. And kept her in a glass room made just behind the wall in which Aisha was buried. He used to torture her by giving her food just once or twice a week or would beat her up or would keep her in dark for hours or in many other ways. Priya lived this life for 16 years until she got freedom — freedom from Aayush and freedom from that life which she lived for the past 16 years.

*** Coincedence is the date on which Priya, Karan and Aayush died, is the date when they (Priya and Karan) were getting married 16 years ago…

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