Everyone has a partner in their life but it takes a lot to find your partner-in-crime…
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“Ding Dong!!!” sang the bell

“Yes? Aap! How come you are here? Please come in!” Charan exclaimed as he answered the door

“Sandy! Look who’s here!” Charan shouted

“Coming!” Sandhya replied

An old man, in his late sixties, wearing a neatly ironed cream coloured khadi kurta over an untidy white dhoti, entered the living room swiftly with bit of hesitation as one enters a strange place. He also carried a kind smile and a glow in the eyes with nostalgia.

Sandhya got shocked as she entered the living room “Shyam Kaka (uncle) is that you!”

“Yes my child. Ohh look you even look so beautiful!” Shyam kaka replied

“How is everything going between you and Charan? Heard you got married earlier this year, congratulations beta!”

“Thank you kaka!” Charan and Sandhya said in chorus

“Oh yeah before I forget, I wanted to deliver your” he puts his hand in his side bag and takes out a “uh here your letter Sandhya!” and placed it on her hand.

“A letter? I thought everyone is aware of my current address?”she said as she went for its inspection

“Kaka I think there’s some problem with this letter, it is dated as 12 January’ 2001 plus it says that it’s from” she fumbled her words as she threw away the letter in a reflex act

“Calm down Sandhya! Come, sit here and relax!” Charan said as he offered a glass of water to her

“I know Sandhya this might be scary to you but even we were also shocked to first receive it but, the postman himself accepted that it was mistake as some letters were left unattended by the post officials 16 years back. It is not a prank letter my child…” Shyam kaka confirmed her

There was a dead silence in the room. All three of them were in mixed emotions. Suddenly, Sandhya sat on the floor and took the letter lying besides her and started reading it…

Dear Sandhya,

You are very well aware of my writing problem but you once said that you love receiving handwritten letters as it gives you a feeling of oneness as if someone cares for you, so it had to be a paper soaked in emotions to convey my thoughts to you…

Sandy you remember when I asked you that what kind of person do you want in your life and you said that you want a partner who has the courage to fulfill his wishes and at the same time yours also. You want a person who would keep your dreams at the equal place as yours, no inequality! A person with whom you can share all your thoughts and feelings. A person whom you can call your Idol…

The reason behind recalling this is that I want to confess something, I want to spend my life with you, will you be my partner-in-crime in all those mischievousness and help me complete our half written book? I know, I can’t promise any of those wishes of yours but I can surely promise you one thing that I will always keep you happy and safe.

I will wait for your yes…


Breaking the silence Sandhya spoke “He really wrote a letter for me! That too without any errors! ” she said as the tears rolled off her eyes while Charan consoled her

“Maybe his first and last letter without any dyslexian errors…” Shyam kaka replied with a heavy heart

With tears in her eyes Sandhya holded the letter tightly and whispered with a soft voice

“I am proud to have an idol like you father…”


Karan Chauhan, a creative budding writer suffers from dyslexia which gave him a phobia of writing meets a 15 year old Sandhya in an orphanage who is in search of her idol and ideal parents-cum-partner.
Charan felt this instant connection with Sandhya but it took a long time for Sandhya to realize it.
And on her 16th birthday she gifted her trust and friendship to Charan and both of them started a new chapter of their life together.

Together they wrote around 10 books as a team where Sandhya was those words to her father’s thoughts. There most famous work was “Partner-In-Crime” which was based on the parallel and intersecting paths of their life.

Sandhya lost her father in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, since then she excluded herself from writing and pursued engineering.

They were more than just a father and daughter,
They were partner-in-crimes…


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